Here’s a bit about myself

I’m a 14 year old girl, who blogs like a 50 year old. I don’t really have many intrests, unless tweeting and that stuff comes under hobbies. I am trying to be creative, but I’m quite boring and unimaginative so really I don’t really know what to say. Wait, I’m supposed to be making myself look good…. I’m great really. I try to fashionable, but it’s hard when you’re surrounded by judgemental idiots. Sometimes, I’ll take pictures, which I’ll share but obviously only if they look proffesional, wouldn’t want anyone to know I’m using a tesco own camera – see a little can go a long way.

Currently, I’m stealing my blog ideas from a website which lists 81 ideas of things to blog about. Like I said, I’m pretty unimaginative. I do try and post things inbetween those though, so don’t worry, you will see some of me, even though they’ll probably be a lot more crazy. I love the idea of making one of those fashion blogs, but I’m poor you see and it would only be me in pictures of primark items. High street for the win I say.


One thought on “Here’s a bit about myself

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