Day Two – Health and Fitness for Busy People

Oh dear. This is quite frankly the worst EVER topic for me, the lazy 14 year old who spends her whole life of the computer. I’m going to do my best but I might be seen as the BIGGEST hypocrite in the world. So let’s all imagine I’m actually the equivalent to Jessica Ennis or someone of that phsuique. If you actually do something with your life, work or look after your children or whatever busy people do, then I’m sure ‘health and fitness’ is the last thing on your mind. I 100% agree that the thought of going to the gym and having to actually exercise is awful. I don’t even understand the point of the gym to be honest. It’s disgusting and smelly and there’s not even the nice men there like on the movies, but I guess it means I can use the nice equipment, even if it is all disgusting and smelly and absent of nice men. But who really wants to pay the stupid prices you’re charged to use it once a week for a little amount of time; it’s not like you go out of there looking like an olympian. But I suppose getting fat and lazy isn’t a great thought either. You could always use one of those DVD’s I suppose. I still don’t understand why anyone would want to exercise. Now don’t get me wrong, its great being able to look like an absolute idiot in your front room, following some lady who’s body looks like it was chiselled by the angels, but let’s face it, who actually wants to look that good? What do you get out of having a flat stomach, toned legs and being able to fit into size 8 clothes? Nothing. If you’re so busy you wouldn’t have time for dating – there’s no one to please, no one to impress. As far as food goes, does it really matter if you eat a takeaway every night? No. As long as you eat that yoghurt that has one of your five a day written along the side, then no one can complain about you being unhealthy. So my advice to people who are to busy to keep track of their health and fitness: stop worrying and get fat.

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